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Posted By:  Matt Frankey
Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Thanksgiving Sprinter Van Family Time Black Friday

My favorite time of the year must be Fall. How could it not be? The changing colors on the trees, cooler temps, bonfires, hot cider, pumpkins, apple pies, football and the pinnacle of the season: Thanksgiving! 

At the core of my world are family and friends. I am a lucky husband to an incredible woman, a dad to the cutest little pair of princesses under the sun, the youngest of three boys, and son to a great set of parents. I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by mentors and friends who have stood by my side, some for a season, others for a reason, and still others for a lifetime. 

Any time that I’m able to get with family and friends is a “W” in my book. So, this year I will be taking tradition to the next level. The day after stuffing my face with turkey and dressing is #BlackFriday. I’ve always been a big fan of getting out in the crowds and spectating. It’s not because I really care about the deals or getting all my Christmas shopping completed- I just love being part of the chaos! What’s better than sipping on a coffee, enjoying a cinnamon sugar pretzel and watching people quibble over the newest, latest gadget? 😊 

Thanksgiving Sprinter Van Family Time Black Friday

This year will be a first. It will be bigger and better than ever before! When I get up before the crack of dawn to rush out to the stores and watch the nutty shoppers, I will be riding in comfort and style with my brothers and our wives; potentially some of our kids; I’m sure my mom will be interested; my mother-in-law too; not unlikely that we will have a couple friends join as well. 

There’s only one vehicle that will be able to accommodate all of us and all the purchases we make- it’s a Mercedes Sprinter! Fortunately, The Sprinter Renter exists and will give us the space necessary to have a blast on Black Friday and take this day to a whole new level. In my book, if you’re going to do anything then you better do it big. Can’t wait!

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